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Me: Hello folks it’s me, pikachubuneary you’re deviantart pal! And welcome back to Month Of Nostalgia!…

Me: As this will be the last review for Month Of Nostalgia, I figured that I’ll allow someone else to do the last one to give THEM some time in the spot light, & not just because I’m too lazy to do it myself……yeah that’s TOTALLY nnot why I’m doing this. PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR ELEC & MYO!!! ASH’S PIKACHU & BUNEARY!!!

The camera cuts to another stage as an audience applauds Pikachu & Buneary on stage.

Pikachu: Did he just say my birth name?

Buneary: I thought he was saving that for Axis.

A small monitor appears next to them with me inside.

Me: So you guys, are you ready to do the review?

Buneary: Ready as ever!

Me: Great! I’m sure you’ll do a great job doing this on your own, I have faith in you two.

Pikachu: Yeah yeah, don’t mind that you spoiled a plot point by saying my name out loud.

Me: So I’ll be checking back on you soon to see what you’ve got. GOOD LUCK! BYE BYE!

The monitor turns off as Pikachu & Buneary face the audience.

Pikachu: For those of you in the audience, & for those of you reading this on your computers right now, you’ve been alive long enough to know what pokemon is. So today’s review will be different as we won’t have to look at it’s history.

Buneary: Okay so we might go through a QUICK look at it’s history. Remember this?…

Audience: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

The audience throws it’s food & drinks at the screen.

Buneary: Yeah you remember how pissed off you were.

Pikachu: But we should let you know, it wasn’t always like this…We use to have it all, simple animation, simple stories, & a hit tv show that brought joy to children all over the world, & not just a bunch of stupid reasons to keep Ash from getting older and/or smarter. These were the days…of the original Pocket Monsters Anime.…

Pikachu: Oh how it was silly, & the writing wasn’t exactly Shakespeare, but we had a connection with those young audiences of the 90’s. A great connection, while not deep or sensible per say, supplied a great compilation of enjoyable characters, simple fun, & exciting adventure. You may mock it’s corniness at times but I can assure you that there is more to appreciate here than ANYTHING the writers have given us with the Unova saga.

Buneary: So without further a due, let’s take a trip back in time, to the days of the first season of Pokemon.…

Pikachu: And as we begin, we get what is to be considered the only good anime dubbed opening. Sure the singer is a little cheesy, & the lyrics can be weird at times, but DAMN IT it was better than later dub themes that made America well known for destroying what was made cool in Japan.

Buneary: As the episode starts, we see the opening to the original…game boy game?...Kind of out of place since footage of the games is never used again throughout the series, but then we see the game’s battle come to life as it is broadcast on live television.

Pikachu: Among those watching the battle is Ash Ketchum, who will become our main character in the series.

On the tv, the people cheering in the audience are not moving.

Pikachu: Huh…you’d think that the crowd would be a little less lifeless than this seeing mutant creatures battling with super powers…

Ash: I will journey to gain the wisdom of pokemon training.

Pikachu: *Sigh* The classic English voice of Ash Ketchum before he went through puberty in the Sinnoh Saga. Who could forget?

Ash: And I hereby declare to the pokemon of the world…I will be a pokemon master! POKEMON MASTER! That is what I-

???: ASH GET TO BED! It’s 11 o’ clock & you should be asleep!

Pikachu: This is Delia, Ash’s mother, who will be around for only a couple of episodes every 6 months. Yeah I suppose it’s silly that she’s only around for a little bit but Ash has to have SOME kind of family right?

Ash: But mom tomorrow I begin my pokemon journey. I can’t sleep.

Delia: Well if you can’t sleep you should at least get ready for tomorrow, here watch this.

Buneary: Delia changes the channel to a show featuring Professor Oak, who teaches the basics of pokemon studies.

Oak: Good evening Pallet, tomorrow’s the big day for the newest class of pokemon students. I’d like to introduce you to Bulbasaur, Charmander, & Squirtle.

Buneary: *Imitating* Each one given a ridiculous name by the Americans who have been messing up dubs since the beginning of time.

Pikachu: As Ash falls into sleep for the next day, he dreams about which pokemon he should choose for his starter.





Pikachu: By the way, admit it, you all like that sound effect with the opening of the pokeball. You could listen to it for hours & still not get tired of it.



Pikachu: If you could choose the sound of your orgasm, it would be that sound & you know it.

A clip from an episode of Family guy appears showing Peter & Lois doing it.

Peter: Oup Oh Ouh!

Lois: Peter wa-




Lois: *Sigh* Oh Peter.

Buneary: The following morning, Ash realizes that he overslept & rushes to Oak’s lab… his pajamas……Way to start off you’re adventure kid.

Pikachu: Ash makes his way passed a crowd until he eventually bumps into his long time rival named Gary.

Gary: Well you must be Ash. Better late than never I guess. At least you get to see ME.

Pikachu: And while that voice is hammy most of the time, I can safely say that it’s better than the voice acting of Tentacolino…if I ever really watched it. So anyway, Gary sets out on his adventure while Oak finally comes across Ash. He takes him into his lab for Ash to choose his starting pokemon, only to find out that all 3 pokemon have already been taken. Hmmm…you know Oak could have saved us the trouble by simply telling Ash that they were all already taken except for the one nobody wanted.

Buneary: So let me think this through. Out of all the students who graduated from pokemon school, only 4 are given a pokemon to start off with? How does THAT work? I mean what do the students do if they keep on missing they’re chance to be given one?


Oak: Alright Sam, I’m happy to tell you that you’ve finally been chosen to be given a starter pokemon!

An old man with a long unshaved white beard walks to Oak with a cane.

Sam: Finally……after all these years…I can finally start my pokemon journey…Thank you Oak…I shal-


Sam: AUH!


Sam’s cane slips on the ground as he was walking resulting in him falling & severing his spine killing him. He lays on the ground as Oaks stares at his corpse.

Oak: ……….Well, now I don’t have to pay for his health insurance.


Oak: The early bird get’s the worm…or in this case uh the pokemon.

Buneary: By the way, to save time, we from this point onward, will not include any of the cheesy one liners that the characters will be making in this show.

Ash: Does that mean all the pokemon are gone?

Oak: Well there is still one more-

Ash: Professor I’ll take it!

Oak: I think I should warn you there is a problem with this last one.

Ash: I HAVE to have a pokemon.

Oak: Well in that case…

Pikachu: So Ash releases the pokemon inside the pokeball revealing it to be myself……Boy, I forgot how much weight I lost over those years.

Oak: It’s name is Pikachu.

Ash: Wow, it’s so cute it’s the best of all! Hi Pikachu!

Ash hugs Pikachu as Pikachu glares in his eyes. He electrocutes Ash.

Pikachu: So you might quickly realize that our friendship didn’t start off very well, but the important thing is it gets better over time. Oak gives Ash his starting items including a pokedex as he walks outside to see a crowd of people along with Delia.

Delia: *Teary* I’m going to miss you so much. Owh my little boy!

Ash: Pikachu get in the ball now.

Pikachu flicks the ball away with his tail. Ash tries several times to get Pikachu inside, but Pikachu keeps on deflecting the ball into his hands.

Delia: OOOWH your playing catch! Your friends already!

Pikachu: Eh *Nervous chuckle* Yeah that was it…we were playing catch……

Buneary: So you might be asking yourself at this point, what kind of universe is this where parents allow their kids to travel into the unknown all by themselves without any insurance that they’ll have enough food or water or supplies? Well I think the bigger question here is: What kind of character is Gary to allow girls in mini-skirts to follow him wherever he goes, not to mention for somebody obviously under the age of 16, he has his own car?

Pikachu: He wasn’t a pimp back then was he?

Buneary: ……For the sake of childhood, we’ll leave that question unanswered.

Delia: Don’t forget to change your underwear. Every single day.

Pikachu: Ah yes, because I believe it’s very important to the story that we know…if Ash changed his underwear every day……We were PROUD to have that as one of the subplots.

Buneary: Ash & Pikachu set out on their journey as the friendship between them isn’t exactly strong. It even has an effect on Ash’s attempts to capture a Pidgey. Any day a man is outsmarted by a bird is a stupid day isn’t it? Then again Rio wouldn’t have been such a hit if the birds were realistic right?

Pikachu: Eventually Ash’s frustration leads him to throwing a rock at an unsuspecting pokemon called a Spearow. It attacks me for whatever reason as I shock it in self defense, causing it to call for it’s allies as they swarm the two of us. I get especially hurt in the process as Ash comes to my rescue. We jump into a nearby river that leads to a waterfall & by some miracle Ash survives the fall.

Buneary: Nearby, a redheaded girl is fishing for something to catch when she ends up reeling in Ash & Pikachu. Gee she must be really physically strong to have pulled those two out. She tells Ash to head for a pokemon center nearby as he grabs onto her bike. It begins to rain as the two are knocked off a cliff.

Ash sees Pikachu laying on the ground injured. He crawls over to him with a worried look.

Ash: Pikachu…this can’t happen…*Pulls out a pokeball* Pikachu get inside…

Pikachu (Show): ?

Ash: I know you’re afraid of going in there but if your inside maybe I can save you. Just trust me…

Ash places the ball down & faces the Spearow.

Ash: Do you know who I am!? I’m Ash from the town of Pallat! I’m destined to be the world’s #1 pokemon master! I can’t be defeated by the likes of you! I’m going to capture & defeat you all! COME AND GET ME!!!

Pikachu (Show): …

The Spearow fly at Ash as Pikachu runs in to Ash’s side. He leaps into the air & electrocutes all the Spearow in an electric shockwave knocking the two out.

Pikachu: Now it’s never implied if the Spearow were all killed, which would be pretty dark for the first episode of the series, but in the struggle, me & Ash do begin to trust each other. He carries my injured body into the horizon as the first episode concludes.

Buneary: Now for our next episode, we’re going to spin the Pokemon Episode Disk to decide which one we’ll do next.

Pikachu takes the disk & spins it in the air. It lands revealing the title of the next episode to review.…

Buneary: Oh God it’s THIS episode…

Pikachu: What?

Buneary: *Sigh* Just watch.

Pikachu: Um…okay…The episode opens with Jessie, one of the Team Rocket trio, sleeping in her bed with Christmas decorations. It turns out to be a trap set up by her & Meowth to catch Santa, which ends up catching James in a Santa outfit instead.

Buneary: Um…no offense to little kids but, aren’t these guys a little OLD to still believe in Santa Claus? Hell how do pokemon even celebrate Christmas in the first place? Do they have Catholic churches hidden somewhere in the universe that’s never shown?

Pikachu: Well let’s not bring religion into this. It won’t turn out well for anyone. We see Jessie explaining how she was supposedly robbed by Santa one night & seeks revenge on him.

Buneary: Which is kind of dumb that she suspects it to be Santa because I’m pretty sure kids would be told that Santa does NOT have long blonde hair or big pink lips.

Pikachu: Meanwhile we see Ash, who was joined up by Misty & Brock later, as they are spying on a nearby pokemon that happens to be the same one who stole Jessie’s doll.

Brock: Ash see what Dexter has to say.


Buneary: By the way, if you recall Dexter the pokedex, he seems to give very simple advice, not adding to the specifics of the species it’s reading. It’ll say something as simple as being able to use strong attacks or something about it’s physical appearance, which doesn’t really tell us much about the species’ biology, or any other reason as to why the trainer would want it.

Pikachu: Come on honey it was made in Mexico, I’m surprised it tells as much information as it does.

Buneary: Hmp…

Pikachu: They quickly discover that the Jynx belongs to Santa Claus & that he’s been missing for some time. By using the mystic powers…inside her hair…she gives us a vision explaining that she got separated from him while she was polishing one of his shoes. Team Rocket spies on us as we build a raft & start traveling to the North Pole as Team Rocket follows us.

Buneary: Just HOW do Team Rocket get around with all this heavy & obviously expensive equipment without being noticed? You’d think SOMEONE would notice a Gyarados shaped submarine being carried around by two people & a talking Meowth.

At one point, Ash takes off his clothes & ties a rope around his torso & pulls everyone on the raft.

Pikachu: So remember folks, Ash is strong enough to pull 3 human sized beings across the ocean, & is yet easily defeated by a Pidgey. Do not question his dignity, he STILL makes for a good swimmer……in his underwear…

???: Your headed in the right direction.

Ash: Huh?

Pikachu: Suddenly, a voice rings out as we come across a Lapras who turns out to be the one talking to us.

Buneary: Wait a moment, how is Lapras taking to humans?

Elec: Well Brock says at one point that Lapras has the ability to talk to people through her mind using telepathy ……I suppose it’s also stupid that every other Lapras that we run into on the show doesn’t seem to use this power at all.

Buneary: Not to mention that according to the games, LAPRAS DOES NOT HAVE THIS KIND OF POWER!

Pikachu: So the excuse for THIS Lapras in particular to use this power is to……

Buneary: …I don’t know shorten the time of the plot…The Lapras gets them to the North Pole quickly, which I must now ask, how close WERE you guys to the North Pole when you first set out? We never see any ice or land covered in snow on the way there & it couldn’t have been Global Warming because, oh I don’t know, most of the world would be flooded if THAT happened.

Pikachu: Well it’s not exactly the same as the real world, we as the pokemon universe have our own fictional world-

Buneary: But everything in this episode makes no sense. If this is a fictional anime world, then what kind of world is it to celebrate Christmas with all these newly discovered species that go against the regular natures of evolution? If they celebrate Christmas & yet all these weird things exist today, wouldn’t it mean Jesus & God were wrong about A LOT of things?

Pikachu: ……….

Buneary: It makes you question doesn’t it?

Pikachu: ……So anyway we continue our travel to the North Pole & eventually reach our destination. However Team Rocket appears & wait wait wait, how is Lapras able to detect a small raft but not a giant mechanical machine? Wasn’t she under water the whole time I mean HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?

Buneary: Like I said sweety, nothing in this episode makes sense.

Pikachu: *Sigh* …

Meowth: It’s freezing out here!

Meowth goes under a table with sheets.

Meowth: Now’s a time to go “Under Cover” heheh.

Pikachu: I thought we weren’t going to show any of those.

Buneary: Well it’s just to remind people what we’re dealing with here.

Pikachu: …Uh yeah…

Buneary: They end up capturing the Jynx, who they still believe to be Santa Claus & trap the gang in a net. Why Lapras doesn’t use her psychic powers to lift the net off of them I don’t know. They do however eventually reach the workshop & look inside to see several other Jynx who happen to be Santa’s helpers. I guess if Santa’s helpers were ELVES in this universe, it would have raised too many questions.

Jessie: Look, there are tons of Santas! *Chuckle* And tons of presents too.

James: This’ll be the best Christmas EVER!

Meowth: Only for us!

Pikachu: Yeah, this must have been when Team Rocket had nothing better to do. Is stealing from Santa Claus really the height of evil villainy in this world?

Buneary: Well as the evil trio look on, they see the REAL Santa Claus, making Jessie suddenly realize something.

Jessie: Maybe the Jynx that took my doll 10 years ago, wasn’t the real Santa Claus!

Buneary: Uh…Yeah…I thought it would have been obvious all this time woman…It didn’t even have a beard…

Pikachu: We all go inside as we stand off against Team Rocket. But they manage to take Santa hostage & threaten to hurt him unless we co-operate.

Buneary: …With WHAT?

Pikachu: ……….Actually that’s a good question……I mean it’s not like they had a gun or a blunt instrument, they simply tied him up with a rope, which isn’t that hard to get out of. And for that matter, aren’t they surrounded by pokemon capable of using psychic powers? They could have just as easily untied the rope & used it on Team Rocket. But then again we had to find SOME way to fill up the 20 minute run time.

Buneary: ……Stupid Christmas specials…

Jessie: You remember what every kid in the world wants for Christmas but you can’t remember what you had your Jynx do to me 10 years ago!? It came down the chimney on Christmas Eve & stole my favorite doll from me!

Buneary: If you really cared about that stupid doll then why did you not give a crap when you punched it to the side & broke it?

Pikachu: But Jynx uses her…super hair once again…& reveals that she was simply taking the doll to be fixed & that she would return it to her when she was done.

Santa: I repaired it in my sleigh & we tried to go back, but you didn’t believe in me anymore, & I’m powerless to go where hearts are closed.

Buneary: Which makes perfect sense seeing as she spent 10 years planning revenge on YOU.

Pikachu: So Jessie begins to realize that she mis-judged Santa Cluas & everyone realizes, as Misty claims, that ‘Even bad guys can have their feelings hurt too’……But that doesn’t stop her from deciding she wants to ruin Christmas anyway. But as they try to escape, Lapras appears & freezes the ship to prevent it from moving. We reclaim the presents from Team Rocket & send them blasting off, which I’m sure will NOT result in any injury at all. I mean come on, being sent flying thousands of feet into the air & landing on solid ground from that high up, *Shrugs* doesn’t do that much.

Buneary: With Christmas saved, everyone goes home happy, which leads us to the next episode of our review.

Buneary spins the episode disk in the air & reveals the next episode to review.…

Pikachu: During his entrance in the pokemon league, Ash has made it to the fourth rounds. We see Gary in his battle as he ends up losing.

Buneary: Aside from that, we still see all those cheerleaders from earlier along with Gary’s own car. Seriously, not even Tony Montana could have done this at that age.

Pikachu: Team Rocket is also at the league working at part time sales man, while looking for a chance to steal the pokemon. But they seem to be distracted by a customer who asks for a novelty badge. Meowth reveals that he’s been faking the sales by painting ordinary bottle caps to sell off as badges, which is easy to figure out but I suppose the average customer isn’t that smart these days.

James: You can’t teach an old cat new tricks.

Buneary: ……Really? An old cat? Rephrasing ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ just so that it’s a cat instead of a dog?

Pikachu: Trust me, it’s better than the Victreebel pun Meowth made a few seconds before. We see Ash starting his battle with his opponent named Jeanette, who seems to actually be closer to traditional Japanese dressing than the other Japanese people in this show.

Ash: I choose you Bulbasaur!


Jeanette: My pokemon can create quite a buzz. Go Beadrill!

Pikachu: Okay, honest to Arceus, no more puns!

Buneary: So Bulbasaur manages to fight off against Jeanette’s first two pokemon, pretty easily actually, but Jeanette promises that her last pokemon will be Ash’s defeat. So which pokemon will she use that tops the powers of Beadrill & Syther?

Jeanette: Go Bellsprout!

Pikachu: ……

Buneary: ……She didn’t have anything more threatening?

Pikachu: While that’s going on, Team Rocket try to steal some people’s pokemon, but are foiled by two officer Jennies. And for those of you who still don’t get what the hell is up with all these doctors & police officers looking & dressing the same in this universe, THEY ARE NOT CLONES.

Buneary: But it’s still a very weird thing to have right? I mean police dressing & even looking the same as each other? We’re told that they’re all related but I seriously doubt that it means that they would look exactly the same as each other. Who knows? They COULD be clones. They NEVER give us another explanation. I mean if Mewtwo can do it, shouldn’t humans be able to too?

Officer Jenny turns to Growlie.

Jenny:  Arcanine, use Flamethrower!!!

Buneary: Wait a moment. Did she REALLY just call a Growlithe an Arcanine!?

Pikachu: Well if it hasn’t been obvious by now, the company that dubbed this anime has clearly shown us that they don’t give two shits.

Buneary: ……….That means YOU 4kids.

Pikachu: Anyway, we see Ash battling against Bellsprout as it turns out that looks can be deceiving.

Bellsprout dodges Bulbasaur’s attacks, throws him across the field, & slams him against the wall, knocking him out.

Buneary: Remember this also people. Bulbasaur can fight against razor sharp sword armed pokemon, defeat both of them with a single attack, but is easily defeated by a weed with a head shaped like a bell.

Pikachu: Ash calls on me to battle with Bellsprout as I lash out all I can against him. Realizing that electric attacks won’t be very effective, I resort to close range combat.

Pikachu swings his arms & feet towards Bellsprout but Bellsprout dodges all the attacks. Eventually Bellsprout takes one of it’s roots & swats Pikachu on the forehead. Pikachu faints & is declared unable to battle.

Buneary: Wow……I forgot how embarrassing that scene was for you.

Pikachu: ……

Buneary: It’s not like his finishing move was Solarbeam or Razor Leaf, he simply swatted you like a mosquito. And that look on you’re face? It’s the kind of look that Walt Disney would give if he came back to life & saw the box office results for John Carter. I mean seriously honey, how could you have been beaten like that?

Pikachu: Well…that was a long long time ago. I’m sure that if that same Bellsprout came up to me today I could beat him.

*Poke Poke*

Pikachu: Huh?

Pikachu turns around to see Bellsprout poking his shoulder.

Pikachu: ……Are you THAT Bellsprout?

Bellsprout nods.

Pikachu: Are you asking for a rematch?

Bellsprout nods again as Pikachu stands back & rolls up the fur on his arms.

Pikachu: Alright Bellsprout, it’s time I showed you how much I-


Pikachu: DAH!

Bellsprout grabs Pikachu hanging him upside down. From there Bellsprout repeatedly dunks Pikachu onto the stage floor hitting his head repeatedly.

Buneary: ………………..

Bellsprout then begins to slam Pikachu on the ground left & right repeatedly as everyone in the audience watches on.

Buneary: ………………..

Bellsprout finishes off by throwing Pikachu into the wall behind him as he crashes & flops to the ground.

Pikachu: ……….Okay you win.

Bellsprout bows before the audience & walks off stage.

Buneary: ……….That was……convenient……So it seems like all hope for Ash is between slim & nil when he releases his last pokemon to be Muk, whom he captured several episodes earlier. Oak & even Delia also show up to support Ash’s moral as the last battle of the match begins. Muk manages to win allowing Ash into the fifth round. And with that we start our next review.

Buneary throws the disk into the air revealing the next episode to be reviewed.…

Pikachu: A sudden rain storm causes us to flee into a nearby mansion. We go inside to see that it seems deserted, except for the company of another Pikachu. Misty goes to pick it up & sees  that it’s not as cute as she first claims.

Misty sees the Pikachu’s eyes & is horrified by them.

Misty: That Pikachu doesn’t look right!

Brock: It could be a new kind of Pikachu.

Pikachu: Or a Pikachu with down syndrome…yes we have those too…No it actually turns out to be a Ditto, a pokemon with the ability to transform into a number of different things, including other pokemon. Ash tries to capture it when he’s stopped by someone oddly dressed exactly like him.

Ash: Who are you?

???: Tell me who YOU are.

Ash: I’m Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!

???: Duplica…from The House Of Imite.

Buneary: Duplica……God I thought OUR names were weird…

Pikachu: So the dilemma that Duplica faces is that Ditto is able to change all the cells in it’s body, except it’s own face. They used to be performers who would make a show about their ability to imitate the appearance of others, but because of Ditto’s problem, the show wasn’t that big of a hit.

Buneary:  And should we feel disturbed that she has uniforms of everyone? And I DO mean everyone. Hell, she even imitates Misty at some point. Does she have her own private files on all of humanity on her & we don’t know it? For all we know, she could be spying on ALL of us!

Team Rocket appears before them on the stage.

Pikachu: Speaking of spies…They capture Ditto & try to get it to transform into a Dratini to give to Giovanni. But as you’d expect, Ditto doesn’t do very good at doing what they ask.

Buneary: And as ridiculous as this episode is, this one scene deserves a chuckle.

Jessie holds up a picture book & points to a picture of Dratini.

Jessie: Transform into this!

Ditto transforms into the picture book.

Buneary: *Giggle* Oh come on it must have been funny to SOMEONE right?

Pikachu: We arrive at the scene as we mock them by imitating they’re Team Rocket entrance. You might be wondering why Duplica has copies of Team Rocket uniforms but it wasn’t important at the time.

Buneary: But they seem to discover that Team Rocket managed to teach Ditto how to change the cells in it’s face, perfecting it’s imitation ability.

Duplica: Oh thank you! I’ve tried everything I could think of to get Ditto to imitate faces!  Now Ditto can finally become the kind of pokemon I always knew it could be!

Jessie: *Teary* That’s so beautiful I can’t stand it!

James: *Teary* Neither can I!

Pikachu: Gee I’d hate to see how those two would take what we review next.

Buneary: They seem to give Ditto back but it turns out to be a trick, seeing as how the real Ditto is being carried away by Team Rocket. But Ditto manages to escape they’re grasp as it lands into Duplica. But Team Rocket tries one more time to capture Ditto with a cannon inside they’re balloon. Seriously, where do they buy this crap from?

Pikachu: Ditto transforms into a cannon as I load myself inside. Ditto fires me towards Team Rocket as I shock them all away. With that out of the way, Duplica reopens her theater finishing off the plot of the episode.

Buneary: And now it’s time to start our last review!

Pikachu throws the episode disk into the air as it eventually lands. Pikachu picks it up.

Pikachu And the episode is gonna be-okay seriously HOW COULD HE DO THAT!?

Buneary: Pikachu?


Buneary: What? Your name?

Pikachu: YEAH!

Buneary: Auh but honey-

Pikachu: NO!

Pikachu sits with his arms crossed.

Pikachu: It’s ruined now.

Pikachu starts to get teary eyes with his lips trembling as the monitor returns as I talk through it.

Me: Hey guys how ya doing!?

Buneary: Not very good.

Me: What happened?

Buneary: You spoiled the reveal of Pikachu’s birth name & now he’s upset about it!

Me: Wait that?...Well…it’s just a name, I don’t think it’ll add to the plot-

Pikachu: But it was MY name……MY name……I wanted it’s reveal to be special…& now they all know.

Me: Aw Pikachu I’m sorry. I didn’t think you felt that much about it.

Pikachu: Yeah well…the moment is gone, it’s just gone.

Me: Well…no one outside of this deviation knows…I can have everyone in the theater assassinated-

Buneary: NO!!!

Me: !?

Buneary: ……Just…no…

Me: Um…alright…

Buneary kneels to Pikachu’s side & pats him on the head.

Buneary: It’s okay sweety, I’m sure everyone will still be happy to know about your name.

Pikachu: But it’s not a surprise anymore…

Buneary: Well I’ll tell you what. You put on a happy face & finish this review. And when we get home tonight, you can do whatever you want to me. Okay?

Pikachu wipes a tear from his eye.

Pikachu: *Sniff* …Okay…

Buneary: There you go! Who’s my man!?

Pikachu: I am.

Pikachu stands up facing the audience.

Buneary: So what’s the episode?

Pikachu: Oh it’s……wait a minute……Did you just say that in front of all those people?

Buneary realizes her previous couple of lines & blushes.

Me: Uh yeah they sort of heard it.

Buneary: …………………………*Looks at the disk* …PIKACHU’S GOODBYE!

The crowd roars in applause hearing the title of the episode.

Me: Wow! You mean the fan favorite!?

Pikachu: Yeah! Everyone who remembers the first season remembers this episode!

Buneary: Then let’s make it happen! WHO WANTS TO SEE THE FAN FAVORITE!!!?

The crowd cheers wildly for the next episode to be reviewed.…

Pikachu: We see Ash & the rest of us relaxing in a nearby lake, well everyone EXCEPT Ash is resting as we see him making a fool of himself. I go to his aid when I see another Pikachu hiding in the bushes. I run after it as the others chase after me. We eventually come across a herd of wild Pikachu & all of their low budget movements, but they seem to be slow to trust since I’m not a wild pokemon.

Buneary: But Pikachu does manage to gain they’re trust but Ash scares them right off. Which does kind of make the previous scene a little pointless.

Ash: But why?

Brock: Don’t you understand?  Those Pikachu are scared of you Ash.

Ash: But why would those Pikachu be afraid of me? I wouldn’t do anything to hurt them.

Misty: They probably haven’t had much contact with humans before.

Brock: Yeah I don’t think too many people come this far into the forest Ash.

The Pikachu from earlier watches them from the trees but ends up slipping into the river.

Ash: It’s one of those Pikachu!

The gang runs after the Pikachu as they manage to catch up to it’s speed since the river isn’t very strong.

Buneary: Gee, I thought the river’s current would be a LITTLE stronger than that.

Pikachu jumps into the river & tries to save the littler Pikachu but gets caught in the current.

Buneary: Pikachu, what were you trying to accomplished when you jumped into the river? Now they have TWO Pikachu to save.

Pikachu: ……Because I like swimming…

Buneary: But, lucky enough, the other Pikachu show up to save them using they’re “Monkeys In A Barrel” techniques. We see Pikachu is unconscious while the younger, smaller, & much more vulnerable Pikachu is wide awake. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Pikachu: Um…yeah I’m not a really good swimmer…

Buneary: Pikachu is seen as a hero for helping to save the younger Pikachu as Ash & the others look on proud. But it seems Team Rocket is up to no good again as they spy on the crowd.

Jessie: *Giggle*Just look at all of them.

James: Pikachu to the left, Pikachu to the right-

Buneary: By the way I should point out how James’ voice obviously went through some kind of low frontal lobotomy during this first season. For example, just compare his voice here with the second episode in the series.…

Buneary: Kind of stupid isn’t it?

Pikachu: I agree...Japan should be ashamed for allowing 4kids to dub they’re shows.

Buneary: So we see Pikachu spending time with the wild Pikachu, one moment being a…moon ritual…when Brock brings up something that leaves Ash in question.

Brock: I think it’s the best thing in the world for Pikachu to be here with it’s own kind.

Ash: ……Here with it’s own kind……

Pikachu: But Team Rocket shows up capturing all of us while the others were sleeping……Sleeping……yeah they would not make good night shift guards.

James: Why don’t you check out our website.

James fires a net trapping Ash, Misty, & Brock.


Pikachu: Thankfully we come up with the brilliant idea of using our teeth to chew through the ropes. Why we didn’t do this several seconds earlier is anyone’s guess but I think what’s more disturbing is that we didn’t think of doing this until immediately after James gave this ridiculous one liner.

James: ‘Chu’ can bet on that again Jes’!

Pikachu: So allow me to rephrase this, we wouldn’t have been smart enough to bite through the ropes unless someone made a horrid pun about it……yeah how we’ve managed to survive past the Sinnoh saga is beyond me.

Buneary: Ash, Misty, & Brock use the net that was trapping them earlier to help the other Pikachu jump out safely while Pikachu distracted Team Rocket. After the last Pikachu is saved, Pikachu tricks them into…knocking off the valve to the hot air balloon causing the flame to increase in size blowing them away…Wouldn’t it have done NOTHING in real life? That Team Rocket equipment must be really cheap. No wonder they’re able to afford all of it.

Pikachu: He joins the other Pikachu as they celebrate by chanting more, leaving Ash in a troubled state of mind. Later…

Brock: What? You’re leaving Pikachu?

Ash: That’s right.

Misty: But Ash what are you doing? This is crazy!

Ash: My mind’s made up.

Pikachu approaches Ash from behind.

Ash: ……Pikachu…you stay here…I’m leaving. I know you’ll be much happier here in the forest with the other Pikachu…Goodbye…Pikachu…

Pikachu goes after Ash but he continues to run away from him.

Ash: Please don’t! All these Pikachu here in the forest need you!  So just…GOODBYE!

Pikachu: And I think I can speak for many when I say…This is truly one of the saddest moments in the entire show.

Ash runs away crying.

Ash: …(Thoughts: Pikachu was my very first pokemon…)

Ash thinks of all the time he & Pikachu spent together. During the montage, Me, Pikachu, & Buneary start to tear up.

Pikachu: ……*Sniff*

Buneary: …*HIC*…

Me: *Crying* ……So…sad…

People in the audience start to cry as the montage continues.

Ash: (Thoughts: …This is for the best…I guess…)

Brock: Ash!

Misty: Why are you doing this!?

Ash: Pikachu will be better off staying here than traveling around with me. Pikachu will be happier this way…

A shadow looms over everyone as they all turn to see Pikachu. Pikachu smiles as he looks on to Ash, who is stunned by Pikachu’s return.

Ash: Pi…Pikachu…

The other Pikachu appear alongside him as they cheer.

Brock: I think their cheering…For Ash & for Pikachu!

Pikachu runs down the hill & jumps towards Ash. They hug each other as the crowd roars with excitement.

Pikachu: Yes…that is it!

The crowd continues to roar with applause. Eventually the crowd calms down leaving Pikachu & Buneary to finish.

Pikachu: And THAT was some select episodes of the glory days of the pokemon anime……….

Buneary: ……….

Pikachu & Buneary turn to each other for a moment & back to the audience.

Pikachu: ……It’s actually a lot stupider than I remember.

Buneary: Yeah it was.

Me: I know right?

Pikachu: *Analysis* I suppose with the cheesy dialogue, low budget animation, weak voice acting, & not always exciting battles, we can’t call it as one of the greatest shows  of our childhood. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? As a cartoon that debuted in the 90’s, a time where cartoons were at their prime, it left a good enough mark on the nostalgia on many people’s childhoods, as well as introducing them to Japanese culture. Even if it was stupid, it was still a creation all it’s own. The characters were fun, the heartwarming moments made us cry, every other second filled with entertainment for the young ones. As a kid’s anime, we knew how to make our audience happy & we did it well. It may not be a good show, but it knew what it was & who it was trying to entertain. And it did everything it could to leave behind that piece of nostalgia that you all love.

Buneary: Well said sweetie, well said.

Pikachu: Thanks honey, I really enjoyed it. Well we hope you all enjoyed Chris’ Month Of Nostalgia &-

Me: What are you talking about it’s not over!

Pikachu: But what else is there to review? You’ve already talked about everything & your saving the Disney stuff for Disneymania for your 4th anniversary celebration!


Pikachu: Yeah, well now you know how it feels.

Me: *Sigh* Well anyway, just come down here, there’s one last thing we gotta do.

Buneary: What’s that?

Me: Well to put it simply…

I put on sunglasses & give a smug smile.

Me: We’re needed on the dance floor.

The monitor turns off leaving Pikachu & Buneary in question.

Pikachu: …Gee I wonder what he’s got planned.

Buneary: We better go see.

The two turn to the audience.



Both: SEE YA SOON!!!

The two exit the stage as the audience applauds.

We finally get to talk about the most iconic thing ever made growing up in the 90's! Hang on to your underwear!
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pikaace Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Yes. Just yes. The Kanto, Orange, Island and Johto League were the BEST seasons by far especially Kanto! That show turned me into the fanatic I am today! I loved the first three regions but I remember Hoenn being pretty boring except for the legendary pokemon arc and the movies. I absolutely LOVED Sinnoh and Black and White, well...if that's not rock bottom for the pokemon anime I don't know what is.

What's your fav region?
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
To be honest, Sinnoh is my favorite season while Unova was probably the most subconsciously bad in the series.
pikaace Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
Yeah, Sinnoh was awesome! I was very surprised at how great the story, battles, and characters were!
Superhog64 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
The first season was a little silly but I enjoy it, watched it subtitled made it better for Me as Ash's early voice was so unconvincing to Me, but I'm glad it got better.
Though my fav Seasons were Advanced battle, Galactic Battles, Battle Dimension, and the first half of Unova, though I'm loving the Nostalgic moments of the latest seasons, I grew up with Sinnoh but Show wise I first saw Hoenn.
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
Glad to hear your such a strong pokemon fan despite it's faults. And trust me, I've gone over several of the show's faults.
Superhog64 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks for the reply, though the only thing that sticks out like a sore thumb to Me is Team Rocket being in nearly EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, to the point where I think they're a bit annoying. I'd give up on the 6th try
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Yeah, they're really good at failing aren't they?
Superhog64 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
They are indeed, I even plan on doing some things like what you do, I'm currently writing a review of the Sam Rami Spider-Man Trilogy
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
Thanks. Have fun with that.
Superhog64 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Welcome, it's hard to do since I have a lot to do in my life
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013
I know the feeling.
PokemonSoldier Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*shows up with a snivy and a dewott* So, you got something against everything past gen one eh?
I will tell you this, the animations and everything got better because they were a success.
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
I never said I didn't like the following seasons. I LIKE them.
PokemonSoldier Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OK, but you are starting to sound like one of those people who think that generation one is the best and every generation after ruined it
infernalnomad Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
*reads start, notiices something interesting*

Wait......"Elec"? "Axis"?! Forshadowing!

*continues reading*

Buneary: Well I’ll tell you what. You put on a happy face & finish this review. And when we get home tonight, you can do whatever you want to me. Okay?


On a more serious note, Pikachu learnin Electro Ball blew my mind. And while the show's depth and story never truly sunk in, as the show went on, the animation got sleeker, the effects are better looking, and Pikachu got thinner.

One thing that made me laugh was a very interesting thing throughout the series:

The evolution of Pokemon Pronunciation

Pok-UH-mon, Pok-AY-mon, Pok-EE-mon.

Good job on the review, dude. And by the way...Elec? Verrry intersting.
pikachubuneary Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
Thanks for noticing the FORESHADOW. And yeah, I will admit I had fun with how silly the show was.
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